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What is Multi Level Marketing?
Multi level marketing is a form of marketing of products and services that allows people to build teams under them at multiple levels (more than one or two) and compensation is shared between these levels (based on a plan) when products and goods are sold and more people are brought into the sales team.

How does multilevel marketing work
Multi level marketing is based on sales: to sell the company's products or services and expansion of the sales team: to recruit more people as network marketing distributors to sell a company's products and services.

Each new sales person into the team, can bring in turn more people who like the products and want to take up the opportunity to sell. Usually an active Direct sales consultants creates a downline and is paid on the performance of the same. Usually MLM companies pay their DSAs upto unlimited levels.
Each person is paid on his orher own sales and the sales of their team. Obviously to keep the team motivated he or she has to conduct meetings, hold discussions and make sure that the information is freely available to the downlines in an MLM structure so that everyone is as motivated as their upline. Once the uplines successfully create success for their teams, they are paid handsomely for the same and given various incentives by MLM companies such as MLM company trips, nights of recognition and so on a so forth. Therefore in an MLM structure, the people get the advantage of leverage.
Why MLM ?

• Rapid growth

• No extra advertising cost

• Dedicated, Interested and Specialized marketing force

• Revenue growth for company

• Software featuring Admin Panel

• Online registration feature

• Software with facility of product management

• Software with facility of Repurchase and Distribution

• Genology or Tree view to see each member downline/individual details.

• Commission calculation from admin side.

• Software is simple reliable and easy to operate


We are providing various types of specialized MLM Consultancy (Multi Level Marketing Consultancy) services to Multi level marketing companies. MLM companies work on a quite different methodology and involves lot of technical complications. The day to day administration of such companies involves lot of challenges as it involves lot of departments, lot of people and the market comprises all over India. Our MLM Consultant relates to incorporation of MLM companies, getting them various clearances from Government, advising on selling plans/ patters, System Creation and system maintenance, Commission calculation, Vigorous audit procedures by introducing check points in system, implementing ERP, converting offline data into online database by way of website, Tax advisory and tax planning, Doing cost benefit analysis, Database analysis, developing new selling patterns etc.